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Browser Co, 2021 - present, Engineer

I’m an engineer at a startup called the Browser Company. I’ve been at Browser for almost 2 years, hired in as one of the most senior engineers on the team with 13+ years experience. I’ve worn a lot of hats since I started: I’ve been involved with leadership, eng processes, recruiting and onboarding, I own and maintain our web stack and infrastructure, I own and maintain our release process, and I've also several shipped features in our Swift frontend and Chromium API.

Glitch, 2019 - 2021, VP of Engineering

Prior to Browser, I was VP of Engineering at a startup called Glitch, with a total of 15-20 people reporting to me. I had 2 eng manager-led teams under me, Product Eng and Platform/Infra, as well as product, design, and support. I was VPE for about a year, and prior to that I was Head of Platform.

Google, 2010 - 2016; 2017 - 2019, Senior Software Engineer

Before Glitch, I was Senior Eng at Google for a total of 8 years, 6 years as a tech lead across 4 major products, including Chrome, Maps, and VR.

Recurse Center, Summer 2017, Student

Had an absolutely wonderful summer at the Recurse Center in Summer 2017.

Stanford, 2016 - 2017, Lecturer

Another passion of mine is teaching: I taught for a year at Stanford, created a web programming class for them, and I occasionally still volunteer teach.

University of Washington, 2006-2010, Student and Intro TA

I went to UW and I have a BS and MS in Computer Science. I was a teaching assistant for intro to computer science for each quarter I attended UW, give or take a quarter or two.

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