Victoria Kirst

Engineer at Browser
Past: VP of Engineering at Glitch, Engineer at Google; Lecturer at Stanford CS
BS & MS in CS, University of Washington


Hello, I'm Victoria! I'm just your average state machine, operating in New York City.

I'm great at making good useful things! Trying to make more good useless things.


I generally believe we should be building software that does not, as a side effect, lead to the downfall of human civilization. Sometimes it happens by accident. In those situations, fix it or destroy it.

I am proud of these things

every piece of software I've ever shipped

this essay I wrote about browsers

Spring 2017 Web Programming Course at Stanford

My teaching statement

My guide on how to create an effective self-study routine

This fanart of Count von Count in a hanbok

This fanart of an ojisan

Shark Tank Zine

hamster chat

dog park sim

Other things

why I quit google again, part 1 & part 2

bezier tool - a tool I made a while ago to help make shapes

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twitter, github, linkedin,

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