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Hello!!! I'm Victoria, aka vrk! I've been a software engineer for 13+ years, building browsers, maps, VR experiences, dev tools, and creator tools for web, mobile and desktop.

  • I'm making things, learning things, and documenting it in my newsletter, vrklovespaper
  • I'm starting an indie magazine called Pouch, a zine for stationery lovers
  • I started Pouch Studio, home of my creative endeavors
  • I'm slowly making software for paper lovers ✂️

Welcome to my personal website. Make yourself at home ✨

areas of interest

Here are the things I love to play with:

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stationery printers (indie) magazines learning tiny objects of joy

on sabbatical

I fell in love with computers because I love making things. In my 13+ years as a professional software engineer, I have been making things, but they've been things that other people have dreamed up. I want to build my own things again. It's why I got into this field in the first place!

So, I quit my job and starting July 2023, I'm giving myself about 12-24 months of runway to try the following:

  • Practice creating my own things again. It's fine if I'm bad at it. I'll just keep practicing.
  • See how it feels to center my creative self for a bit.
  • Figure out if I want to be a founder of a company or organization.

I'm recording my experiences and reflections in my newsletter, vrklovespaper!

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