victoria kirst


Hello! My name is Victoria Kirst and I'm currently a lecturer of Computer Science at Stanford University. Previously I was a Senior Software Engineer at Google for 6 years, primarily on the Google Chrome and Maps teams. I like making things, teaching, and sometimes writing.

coding, etc.

Here are some internet playthings I made:

I sporadically do things on github:

My open source contributions to Chrome are also stalkable:

I also periodically give a talk on "CSS for Engineers Who Hate CSS":


I proposed, created, and (as of May 2017) am teaching a class at Stanford called Web Programming Fundamentals.

This is an opinionated introduction to web programming that covers modern full-stack web development techniques without use of a frontend framework. That means vanilla HTML/CSS/JavaScript, no jQuery etc. Backend is NodeJS + Express + Mongo.


Some of my writing on tech:

I'm also a co-author of a textbook:

And here are some book reports:


I have a newsletter called Software Enginerding that I sometimes write:

mvc podcast

I'm the co-host of the MVC podcast, a tech podcast I run with Marty Stepp! We discuss tech news and other things from the view points of software engineers.