things I'm not particularly proud of

June 16th, 2019

"Ooh what's this page?"

Why'd you click on this!

Ughhhhhhhhhhh well anyway, you're here, so I'll explain myself.

This page contains an archive of misc things I've done that didn't make the cut for "things I am proud of."

Please proceed gently

Some of these things are v old and modern-day embarrassing!

But I'm keeping them here because I'm trying to stop deleting everything that embarrasses me. It's probably(?) good to keep some of this, as a matter of personal history.

(And I begrudgingly acknowledge that sometimes a thing that's super cringey to me can still be meaningful to someone else.)

If you choose to poke around here, please be kind!

– – – – –

coding, etc.

Here are some internet playthings I made:


UGH don't read any of this

Just kidding, I guess.

But plz if you read this stuff, recall that like, a lot has changed since the time I wrote some of these things! E.g. I have changed! And the state of ~the discourse~ has dramatically evolved 2010/2015/etc!

(…Not that I remember having anything shameful here, but many of my revelations are rather basic for 2019.)

Anyway alright fine you may proceed

– – – – –

Some of my writing on tech:

I'm also a co-author of a textbook:

And here are some book reports:

mvc podcast

OMG if you listen to our old podcast I'm defriending you

BUT FINE okay fine yes! I am former co-host of the MVC podcast, a tech podcast I ran with Marty Stepp from Stanford, who is wonderful! He is not the source of my embarrassment.

Duct-taped together and uploaded to SoundCloud.