git svn checksum mismatch

December 17th, 2010 2 Comments »

When I update suuuuuper old Chromium repositories, I occasionally get that stupid Checksum mismatch from svn. It happens often enough that it's a thing, but uncommonly enough that I forget how to fix it each time. So, FOR PROSPERITY:

Checksum mismatch: trunk/src/chrome/test/functional/ 5d1082dfc3e6363ece792d7cd49fde0a7ce9c6df
expected: e88e3ea6349cb44955d58e6a3964824f
got: af58cced63097504e4bfb6574c252f4a

Then proooobably what happens was downloaded wonky or something such that the hash no longer came to be the correct thing. So solution:

See what was the revision number of the last change on the file:
git svn log chrome/test/functional/

Reset svn to be closest parent before that revision:
git svn reset -r62248 -p

Do a git svn fetch!

Dance at your success.

2 Comments on “git svn checksum mismatch”

  1. 1 Domenic Denicola said at 9:28 am on December 7th, 2011:

    Thank you SO MUCH. There are tons of threads on Google promising solutions, but nothing has worked. This not only works, but has a feasible explanation of what's gone wrong and a solution that actually makes sense.

    Linking to you from StackOverflow here:

  2. 2 Matt said at 9:19 pm on May 7th, 2012:

    +1 for a great solution. This is the only thing that's worked for me as well, just like Domenic stated. Big thanks :-D

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